Pinnacle CC Pad & Bonnet set - Navy & Sky Blue

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This saddle pad is part of our exclusive range of pads under the "PINNACLE" brand, which as the name suggests is high quality and compares to any other brand on the market.  These pads are the ultimate in style and quality with matching accessories to make the perfect outfit for your horse. The saddle pad is cut for close contact (forward cut) but will sit under several different shape saddles. Designed for the active horse, offering style, durability and maximum fabric performance with no slippage. 

Girth straps, D ring straps, Swan neck design for freedom at the wither, padded girth area for protection, forward cut shape.

Along with this pad comes a matching ear bonnet.  The ear bonnet is of crochet stitch and has cotton ears and nosepiece with a contrasting rope trim detail. 

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